Workshop Participants feedback

Below are some comments about a recent workshop Kavisha ran in NSW.



Singing Workshop – 28 & 29 May 2011


Participant’s Feedback


1. Learning a song, without the music is not only possible it really works and taught me to listen to everyone around me more than I ever have.


2. Walking around the hall while singing helps with everything {learning, confidence, different sounds, etc}


3. Looking up helps you sing higher than you thought you could.


4. If you don’t have your eyes in your music then you really watch your M.D. and by watching her I think you get far more info than from your music covered in extra instructions and notes.


5. The songs had lovely meaning that I could relate to and I really enjoyed singing them.


6. Singing in Memorial Hall and having all that room to move around in was great.


7. Singing and learning in a huge circle was great.


8. Singing the songs in the concert, and not needing the music was so much more fun and I think I sang much better than I have before.


9. Because we learnt the songs without the music or words {mostly}, while walking or dancing around it made it seem an easy leap to moving with a bit of choreography when singing.


10. To sing with your whole body.


11. The use of Memorial Hall allowed greater interaction - and   movement.


12. Movement- this enhanced the rhythm of the pieces - also facilitated the learning of lyrics.


13. Everyone seemed to enjoy this aspect of the learning process. Learning short simple songs and then improvising and creating exciting performances of the material demonstrated how easy (and quickly) it is to learn songs.


14. This also meant that the singers were required to watch the conductor as she changed the order of the material frequently - which also stimulated interest.


15.Listening to others (and self) was encouraged effectively.

The whole experience resulted in a cohesive group being established in a short space of time.

It was a most enjoyable, friendly, stimulating experience.

It was such a wonderful workshop I hope everyone can come next time."